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A Lesson in the Star Spangled Banner

A Lesson in the Star Spangled Banner

Fourth grade students in Ms. Mary Prost's music class spent time learning all about the Star Spangled Banner recently.

Ms. Prost said she does a unit on the Star Spangled Banner each year to help them learn about it, how to sing it and the meaning behind it. 

As part of the unit, the students perform a play about the patriotic song.

The play teaches the students who wrote the song, where it was written and why it was written.

The fourth graders are split up into groups, they practice for a couple of weeks in class and then each group performs for the other students.

After the students finished practicing their performance Ms. Prost had them play a game with her where she would start singing the Star Spangled Banner and would call on students to fill in the next word.

It was a great way to remember the song and have fun at the same time!

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