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A Living Wax Museum

A Living Wax Museum

On May 14, the fourth graders of Terrace Elementary School put on their very own live wax museum!  

Each student researched a famous historical person of their choice who positively influenced the world.

Fourth Grade Teacher Ms. Maria Djurdjevic said the students have been working very hard since March to prepare their speeches, backgrounds, slideshows and costumes.

The students then transformed into a wax figure by recreating how their person looked and might have posed.

The entire school attended the live wax museum during the day and parents were invited to attend after school. 

At each of the students' exhibits were buttons and, depending on which button the audience pressed, they either heard a speech or a fun fact about the historical figure.

Just some of the historical figures students transformed into included Andrew Jackson, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Benjamin Franklin and Roberto Clemente. 

The students did an amazing job and learned a great deal of information about many famous historical people! -Ms. Djurdjevic


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